I grew up as a weekend water rat on the Chesapeake Bay’s beautiful Sassafras River. It all came full circle in 1998 when Chesapeake Bay Magazine hired me as a staff writer, and I wrote countless columns about watching my kids growing up as Bay water rats on our sailboat Luna. Eventually I became the magazine’s executive editor for six years. I continue my relationship with CBM as editor-at-large today. Over the years, there’s very little about the Bay that I haven’t covered in scores of columns, destination stories, profiles, environmental stories, and general features.

“What Goes Up,” April 2019

“Plight of Whales” January 2019

"An Ida May Day" April 2018

"The Maker" December 2017

"A Ballooning Problem" October 2017

"Fishing for an Enigma" January 2017

"Keeper of the Flame" October 2017

"Breaking the Ice" November 2016

"Century Sailors" April 2017

"Island Dreaming" November 2016

"Farr Out! Though officially retired from designing boats, Bruce Farr's legacy lives on in his winning designs and cutting edge firm." October 2015

"Time Enough for Beauty: After a career spent building some of the most interesting and diverse boats on the Bay, John Swain is finally having some fun sailing his own." March 2016

"Fowl Play: Dogs, Camo and Happy Crowds! Easton's Waterfowl Festival honors all things waterfowl." November 2015

"The Lucky Guy: Paul Jacobs and his wife were sailing and living aboard full-time when they first came to the boat shows in Annapolis to earn a little extra money for their cruising kitty. Now he runs the whole shebang." September 2016

"Shark Spotting: The Chesapeake Bay is a critical nursery for sandbar sharks. And guess who else is swimming around down there?"

"Long Way Home: Misunderstood and mysterious, the American eel is facing challenges that Bay scientists are working to unravel." September 2014

"The Water and Walter Coles: After a lifetime of fishing and unceasing change, pound netter Walter Coles Burroughs sees the Bay through wise but sad eyes." March 2002

"Limulus Lately: Harvest caps appear to be doing the trick for Limulus polyphemus, aka the horseshoe crab, prized by shorebirds for its nutritious eggs and by humans for its unique and valuable blue blood." February 2008

"A Summer Guest: Elusive and endangered, some of the Bay's most mysterious visitors are the thousands of sea turtles that arrive each spring." April 2007